Kosher Kush X Papaya

This indica dominant hybrid has astonishing color with purple hues, having a diesel nose with slight hints of blueberry undertones.

Lineage: Sunset Sherbert X Loompa’s Headband

Breeder: Cannarado Genetics

Background: Our cherished cut of Sherbhead carries all the bright and tangy qualities of Sunset Sherbert while delivering a heavy dose of gas from its Loompa’s Headband lineage. After popping dozens and dozens of Cannarado seed packs, we came across A TON of fire phenos, but this gas-heavy winner was undoubtedly our selection. She slings out perfectly structured and colorful diamond shaped buds that are glazed in milky white trichomes. The gassy, sweet (and mildly sour) nose is truly unbeatable.

Aroma: The classic sweet and tangy Sherbert nose with an added lemony and gassy backbone.

Flavor: We’re all about the flavor in our selections and Sherbhead made it’s case for us day 1. After one puff you’ll taste a rainbow of different fruity and gassy terpenes that linger on the tongue long after you’ve exhaled.

Effect: Another reason Sherbhead is one of our house favorites is the unreal combination of flavor and effects. You get that strong Headband high that consistently hits time after time, and you never want to put the joint down because it tastes so good. Be careful with this one!